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F7, F7

I had a test today. A standardized test. The PSAT. One of those practice tests that prepare you for the official ones. But you still have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning to go to school. On a Saturday. At least the test was pretty easy, but I wasn't worried anyways.

So I have a problem. It's fall of 2007, which is when a lot of new games are released. And me and Nintendo aren't seeing eye to eye right now. You see, they're releasing tons of new games that I want, along with third parties, but don't have the cash for. Mario Galaxy, Metroid 3, Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Zak and Wiki, Guitar Hero 3, just to name a few. And I don't have a job, so how the hell am I supposed to get all these games? Christmas is my only option right now, but things are looking bad for ol' Chris. Looks like I need to submit and few more applications to get on the work force. I need the cash.

Now that I think about it, being a Junior in highschool sucks. So far, this year has been pretty boring, if not lousy. It's not that I'm being overloaded with homework or anything like that. It's just that the combination of certain teachers plus certain events equals an unhappy Chris. How do you like that math? Do you follow that logic?

Brother's off at the movies seeing something called the Comebacks. Personally, I don't think that there has been anything worth paying money to go see at the movie theaters. I've got this huge book thing that I have to design for an Olympic pool in Omaha, but I don't have to have that done by March. I need the floorplans/sketches/research/everything else before I can do that anyways. No good concerts to look forward to (besides Big D, which looks a bit sketchy right now). Hmm.....

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