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That's right! This is the 100th post that I have made on this blog! That's a freaking lot if you ask me. I was going to do this on my birthday, but I've been really busy lately, which is weird because I'm not normally busy. So what better way to celebrate it than a banner!

So my birthday came and went without much excitement. All I did was go to dinner at China Buffet. I got an 8gig black iPod Nano, one of the new ones. It's pretty sweet and sexy and I've been using it a lot. The next weekend I went down to St. Louis for a tournament, but I didn't get to go into the main part of the city. We saw the Arch in the distance though. It's ok, because the city was lame anyways, but the Arch was cool.

More exciting news, I went to a Bomb the Music Industry! concert. We almost died on the way there and back (thanks, Cameron) but it was totally worth it. I tried to start a skank pit during the ska band, but that didn't last long so I just skanked in the corner instead. BTMI! was pretty awesome, except for their chick-keyboard-player, who was pretty lame. Great show, plus we got to hang out with Jeff afterwards when we got our shirts spraypainted. All in all, it was a good time. Here's some photos.

Photo 1 - Photo 2

Well, that's it from me for this week. Stay classy, internets!

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