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For Everyone

Halloween came and went. It's easily one of my favorite holidays, along with Christmas (free stuff) and National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Had Whit, Cameron and Fredrickson over so that we could collect candy and whatnot. All in all, a good time was had by all. I even got a sign that someone put outside their door that said "one piece only" next to an empty bucket of candy. Next year I may be too old for this stuff and people will look at me funny, so I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Anyways, so today I open up my mailbox and surprise, Nintendo sent me my Wiimote jackets. Sony also sent me God of War for PSP, along with some stupid-cellphone-charm thing. Which is too bad because I don't have a PSP anymore (good riddance), so maybe someone will take it off my hands. Back to the Nintendo thing, I haven't had much of a chance to test the jackets out, but they feel alright while holding them. I've never felt the need for a jacket for the Wiimote, but free stuff is free stuff, right?

So I was at my brother's parent teacher conferences. Since I used to go to his school, I met a lot of my old teachers. Most notably, I saw Ms. Navarro, the Spanish teacher from Spain who was awesome, so it was cool seeing her again. Got her email, so better stay in touch. But there are some teachers I would rather forget...

School's been crazy, can't tell you how busy this year has been. A lot of homework, hard classes, school used to be easy. But those were simpler times, now I have to deal with actually doing work and crazy-ass chemistry teachers.

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