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I Think I Have One Of Those

Black Friday is always fun. And by fun, I mean hella cold. I woke up at around 5 because my mom wanted to get a tv from Target. I didn't want anything, I just like to be there: the adrenaline and the fun of hunting down what you want is always great. We got in line at the Target, but of course people tried to gaterush the doors right when they let us in, so I had to fight my way to the front. But we got the tv and we were checked out and out the door in 10 minutes. New record!

Then we went down to Best Buy to try get a Garmin Nuvi 660. We knew that we were an hour and a half late (Best Buy opened at 5am) and that they were probably sold out, but we wanted to try get one anyway. So we got there and needless to say it was hella busy. There was even a news reporter there with his fancy camera. We managed to find a guy who found us a GPS, so we paid and went on our merry way. Next was Burger King and Shopko and we were home 2 hours and $650 later.

So at least I got a 5 day weekend. I managed to watch the new Futurama movie, beat the new Sam and Max, and rent Zack and Wiki, which I'm still playing through and it's pretty good so far. I don't want the break to be over, because that means I get to go back to school and stupid chemistry. But Christmas is right around the corner now, right?

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