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Ho Ho Ho

So Christmas has come and gone. Sucks to think that it'll be another 364 days until the next one. I really like this season, and I really like getting stuff. I got Guitar Hero III (which I've been playing for hours on end), and Operation Ivy shirt, and an iPod car charger (which I don't really need because the new Nano's battery life is amazing, but good for car trips). My brother got this big ass gun but we both suck at shooting it. A good Christmas all in all I suppose.

But now that it's all over, I have one and a half weeks to either a) play Guitar Hero b) play Zelda Phantom Hourglass or c) do homework. I suppose c) would be the best one to do and I'll probably regret not doing it at the end of the week. A bunch of essays to write, and a whole book to read... Stupid teachers...

So I'll be busy these next couple of days. Can't wait for the end of the semester too, then no more AP Chemistry. The best Christmas present I can give myself is to never walk into that classroom ever again.

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