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Subliminal, Perhaps?

Today was both an amazingly awesome day, and a horrible day. Starting with the bad stuff, I didn't do so hot on my calculus test and my progress report wasn't looking good either. But on the other hand, I'm understanding chemistry a lot more, Blake did something completely awesome, and I got to watch a preppy chick slip and fall in a pile of chunky green vomit. The last two thing totally made my week.

So I beat Zack and Wiki a while back. It was alright, but I didn't think it was overly fantastic. I think the guys as IGN might have over-hyped it. I found it to be a bit overrated, but make no mistake, it's a fun game. Not once do you find yourself repeating something; every level, while staying to a similar theme, has you doing something completely different. Did I mention it was really short too? Like I-beat-it-in-10-hours short.

On that note, I also finally picked up Zelda Phantom Hourglass. I did the Nintendo survey for the free stylus deal, and they said it would take 4-6 weeks to get it. I got it 5 days later, so that was freaking sweet. As far as the game, I've been really impressed. The controls are very polished and natural. But it's been way too easy, but I'm only at the Wind temple, so maybe it gets harder later on. Also, I'm not digging the music as much as Windwaker. And that game had an awesome soundtrack (my favorite, by the way). Hopefully I'll get some more play time on that.

Also, went for a job interview on Monday. Things went well, and they said that they would call by the end of the week if I get hired. I could totally use the cash.

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