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Today could be the day that I get tons of money. You see, today I will be participating in the African American History Challenge. This is my 3rd year doing it, and I think this will be the year that we win. Justin and I have gotten second place a couple of times in the past, but this year, we're going for first. The best thing is that first place winners get $600 each, plus a trip to Disney. You still get cash up until 3rd place. And the even better part is this: there are only 4 teams in it this year. So chances of me walking out of there with some cash in my hands is 75%. Those are some odds that I like.

So last Monday, when we had no school, Cameron, Whit and I went down to Papio Bowl to see Westbound Train. Haven't been to a ska show for a while, so this was a great show. Skanked the night away. Lots of funny stuff happened, but I've got some footage from the show (stolen from a Beat Union video) and I'm planning on making a video about that. So when I get some free time, expect to see that released.

I'm really getting pumped to get an R4 card for my DS. I've already got a 1gb microSD card which I got for free from a friend, so that's at least $20 I get to save. All I need is 40 dollahs and I'm ready to go. It's going to be so awesome having that... Anyways, Justin will be coming over soon to "study/play Guitar Hero", so I'd better finish this and some other things before he comes.

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