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What Are They Really Saying

Ok, yeah, it's been a while. A looooooong while. But now here's something for your eyes to read.

Let's start with an update on my PS2. I got it back a long time ago, and it works perfectly now. I played GTA Vice City for pretty much the entire weekend, it's pretty awesome if you like awesome games I guess. It's been a while since I last played, I've been quite busy. I've got a 4 day weekend coming up soon, so that should mean plenty o' GTA time.

What else has happened...? Let's see, I took the ACT and it was long and boring. I thought the SAT was easier, but I still think I did good on this one. School's a lot easier, so my grades are good and I really don't have to get stressed out about that anymore. I get a lot of college mail now, and it's kind of annoying, but I have an idea, something to do with all these letters. I finished reading Golden Compass; it was pretty good and I've started on the 2nd book in that series (but I'm doing it as an audiobook because I've never listened to a whole book as an audiobook).

Smash Bros. is coming up pretty soon, and it's a good thing that I have already paid for it on Amazon.com because I'm super poor right now. I have two $1 bills in my wallet right now, so that's pretty much my standing right now. Can't buy any of the stuff I want, so I'll just have to wait. I'm entering a bunch of competitions, like a bridge building one and an African American one, so if I do good there, I should get some cash coming in soon. First purchases on my list when I get some cash? Bully for Wii and an R4 card for my DS.

I've begun my overhaul of my Myspace, but it's not up right now. I'm about 20% with it right now, and I'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out. But I have a long way to go still. It's going to be sweet once it's done.

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