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Angry Face

Yeah, so Brawl finally came. Can you believe it? I freaking had this game preordered on Amazon.com since December 18th of last year. Two thousand freaking seven. You would think that preordering something means that as soon as it becomes available, you would get it straight away. But no, not with Amazon. They ship it to me a week later, and another week later it is finally delivered. It spend 4 nights in Maryland. Freaking Maryland!! What the hell was it doing in Maryland for that long? Going to nightclubs? Checking out the local library? No, but I can bet you it was probably just sitting on a shelf. The good thing is is that I finally have it and can play it. Which is too bad because I've been pretty damn busy lately.

So this weekend I've finally been able to play some Brawl. I'm about 40% into the Subspace. The cutscenes blow me away, those graphics are gorgeous. But the gameplay can be somewhat easy/boring. All you really have to do to kill 90% of the enemies is to use a c-stick smash (yes, I use a Wavebird) and you can quickly whiz through a level. I wish I could say something about the online, but I haven't been able to play a single online match (except once with Cameron) since I've gotten the game. Hopefully Nintendo irons out some of these online issues, and soon.

It was hanging out with me.

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