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Lulz Killer

Update on the Youtube Video Thing
So, I was offered to go on the news because my school asked me to delete a Youtube video. I got an email a week ago from KPTM, one of Omaha's local news stations who wanted me to give an interview. Apparently they found out about it by reading this blog.

I ended up turning them down, because after discussing it with some friends and family, I thought that it could backfire and decided to just let it blow over. It wasn't that big of a deal anyways. So yeah, I could have had my five minutes of fame. Maybe next time.

Other News
I finally got to play some Smash Bros. Brawl yesterday. I've had it ordered on Amazon since last year, but they still found a way to delay it and ship it two weeks later. So I should be getting it within a week, which really sucks because I had preordered it and should have gotten it straight away. Of course, I complained to their customer service, who said they would reimburse me $5, but that doesn't put Brawl in my Wii any faster.

The good thing is that it's a pretty good game. Cameron brought it over and we played for about 6 hours. We had a bunch of stuff unlocked, but a bunch of stuff still yet to be unlocked. So far, Snake, Pit, and Marth are my favorite characters. Snake is awesome, no explanation needed. Pit can fly, so that's pretty sweet. And I loved Roy back in Melee, and Marth is exactly the same, so he's a good one to use. Online was pretty cool, but it's really hard to find people to play. At times I would have to wait a long time beating up the punching bag waiting for someone, and then no one shows up. And then when I did get in a game, the lag was really bad, but then it got a lot better and I had some fun with that. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out when I get my copy.

My parents are happy because all my teachers have only good things to say now days, no more complaining about how stupid I am. So that makes me a lot less stressed, so things these days have been pretty chill. I beat the first Phoenix Wright game for DS, and am getting some progress made in the second one. It's nice to be able to relax...

I look forward to kicking your ass.

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