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My School Asked Me To Delete a Youtube Video

Ok, so I go to Omaha North High school. Today, during my study hall, Michael comes down and gives me a pass to go to the office. "What's this about?" I ask. "I don't know," is his reply, "but they want you, me and Whit down there now." So I grab my stuff and walk down to the office, wondering why they want to talk to me. What have I done bad recently? Couldn't think of anything, so I continued to puzzle as I made my way there. As I walk in, I see my principal and an administrator sitting there looking serious. They start asking me about a certain video.

See, last year I made a video with Whit and Steven called "Space Jam 2: 5 Star Advance". It was just a loose retelling of a scene in the play Antigone. It was not fantastic, but fun to make. As with all the videos that me and Whit make, I made a behind the scenes video which is usually better than the first video. This one was called "Reason for Suspension" which was just us walking around the school, filming and just basically screwing around. We got the name from when we decided that being suspended for fighting with lightsabers in the hall was funny. Anyways, sure it contained some questionable content, like attacking a police car for instance, but it was all in good fun. I put it up on Youtube in May of 2007. A long time ago.

So this was the last thing that I was expecting to be called down to the office for. The principal told me that they didn't like it, and they thought that it put the school in a bad light or something like that. They told me that it was one of the first results you get when you type in "Omaha North High" into the search bar on Youtube and they didn't want people to get the wrong idea. Here's some of the things they didn't like -
  • The attacking of the police car - It wasn't real, but was edited to make it look real. My dad told me that one day I would get into trouble for it, and in the end he was right. It didn't help that this is the very first thing you see in the video.
  • Poking butts - Steven poked a lot of people in the butt with a lightsaber, and they didn't like that.
  • "All My Friends Are Dead" by Turbonegro - I like the song and put it as background music. They didn't like that either, but I don't see why that's such a bad thing.
  • Kids wearing North letterman jackets - They apparently appear somewhere in the video, and they thought that that makes North seem bad or something.
  • No parental approval - Some of the people that appear in the background (who's faces you can barely, if ever, see haven't signed off to allow me to put them online.
As they read this off, they were super serious, but I couldn't help laughing so I had to keep looking down. I also like how they though it was called "How to Get Suspended", so they didn't like that name either. I'm surprised that they didn't mention Whit flicking the camera off, or even almost damaging a camera. I also noticed that they had a bio of me printed, with a photo and everything, with tons of handwritten notes all over it. I should have asked to read that, would have been funny. So they asked me to delete it. I went to the nearest computer, loaded up my favorite proxy, and deleted it. It takes a while for it to get off Youtube's database, but it should be gone by now. I want to say that they didn't make me delete it, I voluntarily did it. But what if I didn't?

What could they have done? Suspended me? I uploaded the video outside of school, and they have no control over what I do outside of school. So I shouldn't have had to delete it. But I did. I just didn't want to have to deal with it. They would have called my parents or something like that. I simply didn't want to deal with it. It was only a video, with under 600 views. No big loss. So, yes, I deleted it.

So you won't be seeing the video on Youtube. But maybe I will find some other way of putting it online. The school is probably monitoring my Youtube account, maybe even this blog. But they won't make me delete this post, they have zero control over it, so this won't be deleted. But I made the movie a long time ago, and it's still making me laugh because of the situation it's put me in. And I didn't get into any trouble, so it's no big deal. But if people really want to watch this video, I might figure something out, if you know what I mean...

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