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This Rock Show's Totally Bitchin'


It's been a while. A long while. But I'm still here. So here's a quick post.

Spring break came and went. Didn't do much, just watched tv and played video games. Beat the second Phoenix Wright. Also beat the Subspace on Brawl a while back. But it was nice to not have school for a long time. Getting back into the school mode wasn't hard though.

Probably the biggest thing that happened lately was the announcement of the next ska show in Omaha. What do you get when you add Goldfinger plus Less Than Jake multiplied by Bid D and the Kids Table to the power of Suburban Legends? A night of skanking, that's what. Should be a great night.

For my biotech class, we had to write an essay about the future of biotechnology in the future for our semester final. So I quickly BS'd the whole thing in a couple of minutes. Turns out my teacher entered it into some competition, which I have somehow gotten first place in the district in. Yesterday I got a check for $150. And I could get even more in the national finals. So I will easily be able to afford Goldfinger tickets, plus a little saving could let me get an Xbox360. I'm really psyched for Grand Theft Auto 4 (it's got Jimmy from Murphy's Law in it!) so I'll have to get that too. Man, I'm freaking lucky sometimes...

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