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We All Have to Burn Something

Since that big ska concert is coming up, I'm going to be listening to a lot of their music. So, to start it off, I've been listening to some Suburban Legends.

I first tried the album "Rump Shaker". It was pretty good for a ska album, and has some pretty awesome tracks on it. "Blingity Bling" is probably my favorite song on that album. Now, whenever I see people talking about this band, they always say that they suck. This was weird to me, Suburban Legends sounded pretty good to me. But then I listened to their latest album, titled "Infecious".

Now this album can be described in one word: disco. It is seriously a disco album, with only a smattering of trumpets. But no ska in sight. Let's get this straight, if they play any disco during the concert, I'm going to freak out. I couldn't even listen to the whole album, I was just not enjoying a single second of it. So I don't have high expectations for this band live.

Now I'm progressing to Big D. I've already listened to a lot of their stuff, but a refresher is nice. "How It Goes" is great, and so is pretty much the rest of their stuff. So they should be pretty awesome live.

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