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This is a follow up on the GTA thing. I've been wanting to play this game, but I want it for Xbox360, so my plan was to trade it in once I got the PS3 version at a Target or something. Sounds easy enough, right?

Not so much. We go to Target and they tell us that since I have no reciept (because I didn't buy it, I won it), they won't switch it. Keep in mind that this is a brand new, never before opened, still shrink-wrapped copy of GTAIV. So now I have to think of a new gameplan to swap it out.

We go down the street to the local video game store, called Gamers. Now I've never shopped there, purely because their games are ridiculously over-priced. Gamestop is ALWAYS better. My idea is to try and sell it to them and pay a little extra for the 360 version. The guy looks me right in the eye and says that he will give me $25 cash for it, or $30 store credit. Can you believe it? A brand new, never before opened copy, and he won't even give me half the price? So screw you, Gamers store of Omaha, NE.

Finally, we try Walmart because if they don't swap it, then it's a lost cause. Luckily, they don't have their head's up their asses and traded it for me, no questions asked. At least Walmart has some decent customer service. At least I got the Xbox version of GTA. Now all I have to do is to get an Xbox, which will probably happen this weekend.

What's your gamertag gonna be?

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