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Government Money

So our check from the government came in. So to do our part in the stimulation of the US economy, we went out an bought a big screen HD TV. I knew that we had to get 1080p resolution, but was confused about whether to go plasma or LCD. In the end, we got a 42 inch 1080p LCD Olevia HD TV from Target for only $1000, which is pretty cheap for what we got. We've had it hooked up for over a week now, and although old channels look somewhat lousy on it, we are picking up some HD channels for some unknown reason and those look fantastic. I can't wait to watch the 2 hour season finale of Lost this Thursday on it in HD.

So we also wanted to clean up the place a bit, so we got a cheap stand for it so that we could have a permanent place to put it. I also ended up buying an Xbox360 (pro version, of course) and playing that in 1080p is awesome. So our basement's looking pretty nice now. Check it out.

As I was saying, now that I have an Xbox, I can play GTAIV. I've got it running at 1080p 60Hrz, so that's pretty much the best definition on the market, and it looks pretty damn good. The city in the game looks fantastic to me, maybe because it's really the only thing I've ever played in HD before. So it looks great, and the game is pretty awesome too. Maybe I'll write a review on that here soon.

Now that it's summer break, I can catch up on a lot of things. Games I am playing right now are GTAIV, On The Rain-Slick Precipice of blahblahblah (the Penny Arcade game), and Phoenix Wright 3. Plus there are a lot of other games I could wrap up too. Plus I want to give this site a redesign. That's a pretty ambitious to-do list for the summer, yes?

Very nice! We have an Olevia as well. Love it!

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