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How I Got GTAIV For Free

Today I opened my mail and inside the box was a yellow envelope. Opening the envelope, I found this:

That's right. Grand Theft Auto IV for the PS3. And do you want to know the best part? It cost me nothing. Zilch. Free. And how's how I did it.

There's this website called WebridesTV. It's pretty much a social network for car fans; they can post videos, discuss in the forums, and share photos of their cars. But the best part of this site is the SchwagMart. Everything you do on the website gives you points, and you can use these points to buy stuff in the Mart. And I'm not talking about cheap stuff, I'm talking about games, gift certificates, and consoles even.

I started out when the site had just started and my goal was to get enough points for a $50 Amazon gift card. Webrides has a limit to how many points you can get per day, so that people can't just get all the good stuff really quick. But to get points, all you have to do it go to the video section and click on the videos. You don't even have to watch the video to get points, just open the window for a second or two. So every day I would basically click links until I reached my point limit. I did that for about a month until I had enough points for something cool.

Unfortunately, WebridesTV doesn't offer Amazon cards anymore (they like to stick with car-based items). But they do stock many of the newest games, like Mario Kart Wii or GTAIV. As you can guess, these items sell out very quickly, so you have to constantly be checking the SchwagMart everyday to get stuff because they restock randomly. Also, shipping can be very slow (6 to 8 weeks sometimes), or it can be fast, so you really have to be patient. In the end, it's worth it though.

So here's the basic points of the post -
  • Sign up for an account at WebridesTV
  • Click on videos everyday until you reach the limit
  • Check the SchwagMart frequently to see when stuff is in stock (protip: use the Availability option to see what's in stock really fast).
  • Be patient, you'll find something you like in stock some day
In time, you should be able to get something cool. You just have to be REALLY patient. Post any questions you have in the comments.

Here's a quick way to try win some Microsoft Points, or maybe even Guitar Hero. Visit this site, enter your email address and use the code "SLURPEE". Fill in your info and scratch off to see if you won anything. Even if you don't win, you get a coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free Slurpee. Do this once a day and you might win eventually. I've already won once.

Update 1
The cap changes a lot, you usually want to check the forums on the site to see what it is. And I don't count out my points as cash, I just open a bunch of links at the same time as tabs and then close them after like a minute. It's just a waiting game to get the points. I mean, in the end, you're going to get something for free.

sounds good but what do they cap your daily points at? And won't it still take like 20 minutes to earn 1000 points, which means your only getting like $2 per hour

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