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Woah Summer

So this summer has been pretty relaxed so far. All I've really been doing is playing a ton of GTA IV. It's pretty fun, but I really want to get it online. The problem is that I have the router upstairs and the Xbox 360 is in the basement. I want a wired connection because wifi speeds are unpredictable and can be slow, plus the wireless adapter is like $100.

So what I'm working on is getting a LAN cable to go through the walls and the floor. That way I can have a wired connection. So right now I'm working to figure out how to get the wires through, and it might take a while. But I really want it done really soon so I can have some multiplayer GTA going.

I'm waiting for July to come around, because there's a couple of good concerts coming then. So until then, I'm just going to relax and cross some games off my to-play list.

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