Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving to Los Angeles for some vacation time and to look at some colleges. I'll be there until Tuesday. While I'm there, I'll also be attending Joystiq's E3 afterparty, so should be good times.

Also, apparently the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are doing a show there, might try to get my parents to take me to that. That would be so freaking awesome.

Anyways, tonight's Dropkick Murphy's. Hopefully I'm not too tired for the flight in the morning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

After the Microsoft E3 2008 Press Conference

So I watched a live stream of Microsoft's press conference today. Overall, I was disappointed because I didn't get to see anything new.

First off, I'm not too fond of the redesigned dashboard. I liked the old one; sure it could have used a bit of sprucing up, but this new one seems too simple. Too casual, if you know what I mean, like something the Wii would do. The Wii is my fun, casual console, the Xbox 360 is my hardcore console. Don't mix them. The avatars are basically a Mii ripoff, but I do like that they take it to a whole new level than Nintendo did. A lot of stuff that was revealed today shows that Microsoft is really trying to target a more casual market, like Nintendo. The Primetime thing doesn't really excite me too much, neither does the party system.

All the games that were announced were either sequels, or just rehashes of other games. Gears of War 2, another Final Fantasy, Fable 2, another Banjo-Kazooie, the list goes on. As far as rehashes, Lips is just Sony's Singstar, Scene-it is just Buzz for the PS2, and You're In The Movies is just the Eye-toy. The problem I'm having is that Microsoft isn't innovating, just rehashing. Come on, I want to see some new stuff.

Things that did excite me are the Portal sequel for the Xbox Live Marketplace and the DLC for GTAIV. Other than that, Microsoft's presentation was underwhelming. Tomorrow is Nintendo's conference, so I will definately be watching that. Hoping for some really cool news, like a new Animal Crossing or Zelda, and some other surprises.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sorry it took so long, but here it is. Suburban Legends was pretty much how I expected them to be, not so great. Mostly because I didn't know any of their songs, except for the opener and closer. But those songs were awesome. At least there wasn't any Disney covers, but the dancing was.

Big D was amazing like I expected them to be. Set list was a bit too short for my liking though. And Goldfinger and Less Than Jake were both awesome too. Fantastic show. My hat even survived the night, including much skanking and 3 crowd surfs. I got major leg cramps though, especially when I crowd surfed during "Superman" (my favorite song by the way). Could barely walk, let alone skank.

Less Than Jake had a sign by their merch table saying "Meet LTJ at 7:55". So when the time came, I got up in line. Everyone wanted their stuff signed, but I just wanted to meet the band. So I went through and shook hands with everyone in the band. They didn't get it at first that I didn't want anything signed, in fact two guys didn't even notice me at first. But they like my hat, and I feel that I truly met Less Than Jake.

So that's all I can remember. Awesome show, too bad another like it will probably never come back through Omaha. Next week is a lot of stuff, including Dropkick Murphy's concert, a tirp to LA California, and Joystiq After Party in Santa Monica. Busy busy.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Tomorrow night will be one of the better shows of the year to grace Omaha. Goldfinger. Less Than Jake. Bid D and the Kids Table. Suburban Legends. A great ska lineup, believe me when I say that shows like this rarely come through the midwest. I've been excited for this for a long time. So here's what I expect of the show. And afterwards, I might write a bit on how it met my expectations.

First off, I'm not really expecting to enjoy Suburban Legends. They're extremely poppy, and even have syncronized dance moves. They do Disney covers. And their last album was bad. Rump Shaker was the only album that I like by them, and I don't expect them to do many of those songs live, so I will probably not enjoy the Suburban Legends part.

I'm super excited about Bid D. They are like legends in the ska universe. There is tons of songs by them that I love, and will be lucky to even hear half of them. Plenty of skanking expected, this will probably be a highlight.

Goldfinger will be good at some parts (mostly the ska parts), but the punk bits will probably be not so great. I love Superman, and other ska-ish songs, so it should be pretty good, who knows.

Less Than Jake will also be awesome. Last time I saw them, I was too tired to enjoy it. But this time I will be ready. I've been listening to all the songs on their set list, so this time I will be prepared. I won't sit this one out this time.

So there it is, me telling the future. Come back next time to see if I was right.