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Sorry it took so long, but here it is. Suburban Legends was pretty much how I expected them to be, not so great. Mostly because I didn't know any of their songs, except for the opener and closer. But those songs were awesome. At least there wasn't any Disney covers, but the dancing was.

Big D was amazing like I expected them to be. Set list was a bit too short for my liking though. And Goldfinger and Less Than Jake were both awesome too. Fantastic show. My hat even survived the night, including much skanking and 3 crowd surfs. I got major leg cramps though, especially when I crowd surfed during "Superman" (my favorite song by the way). Could barely walk, let alone skank.

Less Than Jake had a sign by their merch table saying "Meet LTJ at 7:55". So when the time came, I got up in line. Everyone wanted their stuff signed, but I just wanted to meet the band. So I went through and shook hands with everyone in the band. They didn't get it at first that I didn't want anything signed, in fact two guys didn't even notice me at first. But they like my hat, and I feel that I truly met Less Than Jake.

So that's all I can remember. Awesome show, too bad another like it will probably never come back through Omaha. Next week is a lot of stuff, including Dropkick Murphy's concert, a tirp to LA California, and Joystiq After Party in Santa Monica. Busy busy.

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