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Tomorrow night will be one of the better shows of the year to grace Omaha. Goldfinger. Less Than Jake. Bid D and the Kids Table. Suburban Legends. A great ska lineup, believe me when I say that shows like this rarely come through the midwest. I've been excited for this for a long time. So here's what I expect of the show. And afterwards, I might write a bit on how it met my expectations.

First off, I'm not really expecting to enjoy Suburban Legends. They're extremely poppy, and even have syncronized dance moves. They do Disney covers. And their last album was bad. Rump Shaker was the only album that I like by them, and I don't expect them to do many of those songs live, so I will probably not enjoy the Suburban Legends part.

I'm super excited about Bid D. They are like legends in the ska universe. There is tons of songs by them that I love, and will be lucky to even hear half of them. Plenty of skanking expected, this will probably be a highlight.

Goldfinger will be good at some parts (mostly the ska parts), but the punk bits will probably be not so great. I love Superman, and other ska-ish songs, so it should be pretty good, who knows.

Less Than Jake will also be awesome. Last time I saw them, I was too tired to enjoy it. But this time I will be ready. I've been listening to all the songs on their set list, so this time I will be prepared. I won't sit this one out this time.

So there it is, me telling the future. Come back next time to see if I was right.

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