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Google Chrome Impressions

Today we saw the launch of Google Chrome, Google's attempt to get into the browser competition. With IE in the lead, with Firefox gaining all the time, Google's got some work ahead of them. They really have to introduce something really new and unique if they want to get noticed. Do they do that? Well, I've tried it out and here's what I think.

First thing I liked was that it imported everything from Firefox. Bookmarks, passwords, even history was instantly available when I first launched the browser. The only thing that was noticeably missing were my extensions. My many beautiful extensions! Where was Greasemonkey? Where's AdBlock Plus? InFormEnter? All gone, and my browsing experience suffered for it.

Next, and this is getting nitpicky, but the scrolling was not smooth. In Firefox, scrolling down the page was smooth like butter. IE, however, not so much. And Chrome seems to be following IE's footsteps. Jerky scrolling, couldn't really read the text as the page went down, it really annoyed me. Also, the tabs at the top of the screen wasn't a favorite feature of mine, seeing it where it is in Firefox is what I'm used to. The File/Edit/Etc. bar goes on top.

The task manager is kinda cool, but all it really is is a glorified tab manager with a few extras thrown in. In the end, if a Java or Flash applet running in one of my tabs freezing my browser, I doubt it's possible for me to open up the task manager and close that process. Didn't get to try that though.

The one feature I liked, and wish Firefox would adopt was a mode called Incognito. Basically, it's a new window that saves nothing. No history, no cookies, no nothing. You could browse anything and leave no trace. Not that I need to hide anything... but I can see it being useful. So come on Mozilla, put this feature in the next FF update!

Anyways, basically I was not impressed with Google's Chrome, and I won't be switching anytime soon. There's probably some new features that I missed, but I'm not motivated enough to want to go back and check them out. A lack of new features really dissappoints, and Google's got some work to do if they want to catch up to the browser giants.

I agree with what you've said about Chrome; the scrolling isn't smooth and it's a shame we can't use extensions (I have to put up with adverts now! Gutted!) but on the whole I love it, it's faster than Firefox and I love the tab management where you can drag a tab out into a separate window (especially useful if you're using multiple monitors) and the incognito mode is great.

I wish there was a feed reader like in Firefox where you can have a feed in your bookmarks bar and each post comes down in a dropdown menu. Since I started with Chrome I've lost touch with most of the blogs I follow which is a shame.

There was a problem with flash (it would always crash when playing YouTube videos or whatever) but they sorted that out in the second release.

The thing I love most is that you have about 98% of the screen space compared to about 90% in Firefox (and about 75% in IE with all the toolbars!)

Anyway interesting read and great looking blog!

Found you through MC Lars' site.


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